Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More
The Features That You Need Without All Of The Clutter
HOTSPOTINSIDE Network Management & Billing System is the culmination of years of development and fine tuning, and is built upon a stable platform. No server knowledge required, as we have already taken care of the complex parts and provide you with a simple cloud based web interface to create networks, set up your payment plans and/or print prepaid tickets. You concentrate on your business while we provide an instant up and running wireless network management system with a web based interface. We supply everything needed to run the system and turn it on immediately. You choose the number of networks you plan on deploying and scale the system accordingly.

Works with Linksys WRT54GL

Yes.. We have a free download for a Linksys WRT54GL FIRMWARE upgrade file that will do anything for you automaticly! Turn your Linksys WRT54GL into a high powered router that will work with HOTSPOTINSIDE and light up a lan network behind your device and you can use it as a gateway for your existing network or any other device that is not supporting Radius......

Works with ANY dd-wrt compatible device

Yes.. Using any dd-wrt supported router device, you can literally use ANY router that supports dd-wrt firmware !!

Works with MiKroTik RouterBoards

Yes.. RouterOS can be setup to run with HOTSPOTINSIDE. The login files are included.

Works with Ubiquiti Unify and Wireless N

Yes.. Using a MikroTik router or gateway pc, you can literally use ANY router with stock firmware. The radios run in transparent bridge mode and the gateway pc is the captive portal.

Works with Engenius Routers

Yes.. Set to AP mode, AP Isolation off, DHCP off, set your SSID, plug it into a switch that leads to a HOTSPOTINSIDE Gateway, and you are in business. You can add as many radios as you need to each gateway.

Free Trial Period Option

Yes.. Offer a free trial period with programmable usage time, reset period, and bandwidth up / down.

Free hotspot splash page option

Yes.. Offer FREE service with your branding and advertising

Plans include BW speed limits

Yes.. Control the upload and download speed of the end clients on and individual basis

Plans include BW quota cap limits

Yes.. Shut the user off if they go over a preset limit of overall bandwidth usage during the duration of their time plan

Monitor network status (up/down)

Yes.. Shows status of all gateways on the system.. Indicates which gateways are online now and which gateways have been down for 15 minutes or more. Shows time of last check in.

Monitor Online User Statistics in real time

Yes.. System updates every 60 seconds showing user activity as they are using it so you can spot abusers or just see how much money you are making at any time.

Assign separate payment gateway accounts to each network

Yes.. Each network can route money to any payment account assigned to it.

Select and Modify Themes for Landing Pages

Yes.. Choose from a large list of prebult themes or build your own new theme for each individual landing page.

Allow modification and translation of all end user pages to other languages and currencies.

Yes.. All pages that the end user sees are fully customizable right through the setup portal using a WYSIWYG editor. No programming is required.. It works like a WORD document that comes out on the web pages when you save it.

Customize images and links inside each page

Yes.. Besides translating the language and text of each page, you can also add pictures, advertisements and hyperlinks to each page.. You can also modify the Terms of Use Agreement.

Recurring Monthly Subscription Plans

Yes.. Sell recurring subscriptions through paypal.. (Note: You must manually cancel users who cancel their subscriptions.. Auto-Cancel is coming soon.)

MAC Authentication

Yes.. MAC Authentication will remember a person's device fingerprint, known as a mac address, and automatically log them in upon next visit to the network.

Mac Whitelisting

Yes.. Add users by mac address so they can roam seamlessly about the network. You can also set their BW, time and other attributes like any other user.

Allow additional Mac Addresses for Handheld devices

Yes.. Allow additional handheld devices to use the same billing plan.. These devices will not need to login to access the network.. They will also be able to seamlessly roam.

Print multiple batch tickets with your logo

Yes.. Print PDF tickets with 10 tickets per page.. Also print out in Microsoft Excel format for sending to a printer to be made onto plastic cards or any other format you need.

Print Reports in MS Excel format

Yes.. Reports are in Excel format so they can be converted and modified into any other format you might require.

System Backups

Yes.. All accounts are automatically backed up every 24 hours by our system.